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I'm a Comic Artist at G20 Brazil!

The big news I'm sharing here is that I'm a comic artist at G20 Brazil! Yessss! I am really happy!

I received the opportunity to take my narrative through comics to many people through the G20, which this year has Brazil's presidency.

The G20 plays an important role in defining and strengthening global architecture and governance on all major international economic issues.

The proposal is, through my comic strips, to report in a simple way and provoke reflections on topics such as climate, sustainability, economy and combating inequalities that are at the center of global debates. In three languages, the comics will be sent weekly to G20 News subscribers on Fridays and published on the website the following week. The action is part of the quest to show, in different languages and ways, how the G20 debates impact the lives of all people in all parts of the world.

To access the strips go to:



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